CDL Development
Carrs Brook, Morton Street,
Marsden, Huddersfield, HD7 6JH

We provide executive, leadership, team and personal coaching to enable you to realise your potential.

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We deliver a range of bespoke learning interventions developed to fulfil your specific organisational needs.

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We enable organisations to improve the performance of their people and effectively manage their talent and succession planning.

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Executive Coaching, Performance Management & Talent Management

We support and enable Succession Planning, Employee Engagement & Organisational Change

CDL Development works in partnership with organisations to enhance performance through the development of people.  We believe that providing learning interventions that increase self awareness, a process of discovery, is the key to successful development. Creating discovery and learning is our passion. 

We provide Coaching, Learning & Development programmes, Talent and Performance Management solutions.  CDL Development delivers a range of services including personal, executive and group coaching, the design, development and delivery of bespoke learning and development interventions and a range of solutions to enable organisations to effectively manage their talent and improve the performance of their people.  The common thread is that our work is focussed on people and enabling individuals and organisations to realise their full potential. 

Our style is both pragmatic and flexible, using techniques intended to unlock performance potential, bring out the best in people and deliver sustainable quality results. 

We believe it is crucial that we understand you, your organisation and your objectives; that way we can tailor our approach and work to ensure what we provide is what is required.  This ensures our services and solutions are of absolute relevance to the organisations and people we work with.  Our approach develops close, professional relationships that are founded on trust and respect; partnerships with our clients that are both valuable and long lasting.